Uniquely personal tributes show the depth of your gratitude... beautifully!

Portraits of Honor are original artworks created from photos of your subject by artist Roger Circle. They are handsomely matted, framed and inscribed... ready to hang or present.

Consider them for your awards banquet, retirement event, induction ceremony or any time your honoree is deserving of heartfelt recognition or appreciation.

Expect emotions to surface when given as:

Retirement Gifts Tributes
Donor Recognition Memorials
Awards Wall of Fame Galleries

Inscribed with your message, a Portrait of Honor is a genuine expression of thoughtfulness. It tells a story of worth and accomplishment in stunning fine art. Prices are modest and start at $355.

Please explore the pages of our site, and be sure you have our unusual catalog in your resource file.

You will be proud to present these hand painted portraits for retirement gifts and tributes, recognition awards, donor recognition, wall of fame galleries, distinguished service awards. Prophet Rock Studio - Portraits of Honor
I don't know how you did it! You managed to capture perfectly their every feature and all the nuances of their personality. It is quite remarkable. I know that you will be hearing more from us. Jerold Panas, Institute for Charitable Giving, Chicago, IL

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